A non-profit charitable organization that shares the belief that no child should ever go hungry. We’re providing fresh healthy meals to hundreds of kids who need us and our mission is nothing less than realizing the full potential of Alaska’s children by ending child hunger with sustainable, grassroots, child-centered strategies and advocating for their widespread adoption throughout Alaska.

Our goal

Ending Hunger in Kids – sounds like such an impossible goal. But when you take it one meal at a time. It’s not!

In my experiences, I have worked in multi mission programs that addressed Senior, Adult and Child feeding programs for more than 7 years. Because of the blending of Programs (pantry, soup kitchen, food bank) and funds it became very clear that risks exist as it relates to fiscal controls necessary to manage, obligate and report the legal and ethical use of funding and assets. Additionally and most important to me, donor intent assurances of a mixed mission organization are not guaranteed and create confusion and concern within the community. Individuals, corporations and funders want to be assured that their donations are restricted to a specific segment of services. Alaska has not had a single mission; stand-alone nonprofit committed solely to combating childhood hunger. WE DO NOW!

The MatSu’s leading voice for childhood hunger in our communities, Kids Kupboard is the only organization whose sole focus and mission is to nurturing awareness of the importance of child nutrition programs, implementing feeding sites which will provide healthy meals to kids who need us each day all year round, advocating for better ways to reach children who don’t have access to traditional feeding sites and promoting for more afterschool, safe community site investments.

Together we are solving hunger. This year, Kids Kupboard will provide more than 80,000 healthy meals to hungry children through our afterschool and summer programs and 100% of your donations will be used to feed kids-period! Please join Alaska’s only single mission non-profit, Kids Kupboard, in this exciting new venture that we know will result in improved services for children who are at-risk of not having enough to eat!

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