Who we are

Is nothing less than realizing the full potential of Alaska’s Children by ending child hunger with sustainable, grassroots, child-centered strategies and advocating for their widespread adoption throughout Alaska.

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Our Story

Since 2015 Kids Kupboard leadership and staff have been preparing and delivering nutritious meals and snacks to hungry kids in safe community environments.  In 2019 we served more than 160,000 fresh healthy meals to more than 1,350 children at 30 community locations.  This is a time of transition for our economy, we’ve seen the cost of foodstuffs, energy, and other commodities soar, which poses unquestionable risk to the more than 7,000 MatSu students already living in poverty as well as impending risk to those families living just on the verge.   Parents and caregivers are being forced to choose between paying rent and buying enough food.  This combination of circumstances calls for the utmost care in finding solutions to end childhood hunger.

As we look back at our past 4 years, we feel a keen sense of responsibility to the children of our communities, who rely on us to improve their lives.   Celebrating our successes and remembering those who have assisted us with our mission-those of us that work each day to improve the lives of Alaska’s children, we find ourselves in a unique situation.  Our commitment to these children in strengthened by the knowledge that the level of need in our community has never been greater.  We have set ambitious goals and realize that they will be more difficult to accomplish than ever before.  However, the difficulty of success does not relieve us of the responsibility to try.  We must all live consciously.  These children’s future may sometimes be beyond our vision, but it is never beyond our control.  We have certainly begun to extend our outreach to a greater number of children and families seeking our assistance than ever before.  We can never stop caring or making a difference.

Thank you for your commitment and support.  We ask that you reach deep into your hearts for our children every day!